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imgnAI launched on December 9, 2022, at a time when very few in crypto had any concept of consumer AI. Our flagship product, Nai, quickly gained momentum and found a fervent user base. Nai showed the cryptoverse the power of consumer AI, and gave people around the world a glimpse into the future — one dominated by applications that leverage the power of AI to create fun, addictive, and creatively empowering user experiences.

As we close out our proof-of-concept phase and work toward the launch of several distinct product verticals and revenue streams, we’d like to take this time to look back on our progress and outline what’s to come for imgnAI.

As we’ve said from the start, we’re not here simply to ride the AI wave. We’re here to build amazing, innovative products and help shape the future of consumer AI for a global user base.

Let’s push things forward :)

Proof of Concept + Scalability Upgrade

We launched Nai in the depths of the bear market.

At the time, AI image generation was a siloed experience with a steep barrier to entry for everyday users and little adoption within web3. We sought to show people the power of AI image generation by allowing anyone to generate in our digital town square (Telegram) and create amazing images regardless of the quality of their text prompts.

In our initial testing, we saw first-hand that AI image generation was best experienced in a social setting, where users can enjoy others’ generations and quickly learn to improve their own prompting abilities. The concept of making something with a high barrier to entry into a fun, easy, and socially engaged experience formed the basis for our original product thesis — and remains a core tenet of how we build products today.

Just for fun, here are our stats at-launch:

Custom models: 1

Telegram groups with Nai: 3

Twitter followers: 11

Soon after launch, we saw steady user growth, as we continued to market organically and announce major updates each week. We launched new custom-trained models, and consistently improved existing models, while further developing our understanding of machine learning and how to best meet the needs of a novel consumer base.

Just 6 weeks after launch, we announced the first major partnership for imgnAI: a custom, text-to-image Wassie model that remains live in the ByWassies Discord to this day!

As we continued to make progress and leverage our understanding of the cryptoverse to get eyes on the project, something amazing happened…

imgnAI went parabolic.

Here’s a look at our user stats on March 9, just 3 months after launch:

Telegram groups with Nai: 11k+

Discord servers with Nai: 5k+

Twitter followers: 11.4K

Average daily image generations: 100K+

Our proof-of-concept phase was frankly a huge success. We outpaced even our most optimistic growth projections and built an incredible user base that continues to support and embrace everything we’re building at imgnAI.

Beyond user growth, we also made tremendous progress on product and infrastructure.

Nai is now supported by an immensely scalable infrastructure, capable of producing industry-leading quality across several distinct user interfaces. We’ve constructed a first-of-its-kind automatic content moderation system that can filter harmful content at-scale without hampering gen speeds or user experience (incredibly important as we roll out consumer NSFW). And recently, we were among the first in the world to produce perfect dark with our cinematic model.

With the infrastructure we have now, we believe Nai can lead the way in many aspects of AI image generation, especially in product verticals where our web2 peers are hesitant to tread. Similarly, we believe we can match or surpass industry leaders in render quality, while offering greater creative freedom to users across several distinct product interfaces.

In brief…

We’ve made A LOT of progress in just 3 months. But this is truly just the beginning.

We have a grand vision for imgnAI and plan to be here building for years to come. But even the longest journey must continue with a single step, which brings us to our next major milestone…

imgnAI Web App

Soon we’ll release our third user interface: the imgnAI web app!

With our web app, anyone around the world can use Nai to bring their imagination to life. The app will feature several of our custom-trained models, including nai, real, and our 2nd generation models (hyper, art, cinematic).

The web app will have both basic mode (similar to telegram and discord) and pro mode, which offers a range of customizations (dimensions, cfg scale, etc) even for free users. And once Nai Premium is live, paid users will be able to access premium features (4k, upscaling, remix, watermark removal, etc) directly on the web app.

As a user interface that anyone can instinctively use, the web app further increases our ability to grow our user base via network effects. It also opens doors to new marketing and collaboration opportunities beyond crypto. We’re eager to launch new marketing initiatives and expand the global user base for imgnAI with mass marketing campaigns centered around our user-friendly, text-to-image web app.

Revenue Genooration

After the launch of our web app, we’ll shift our focus toward building out several distinct revenue streams. Revenue will be used to scale infrastructure, onboard new team members, and support the growing utility of the $imgnAI token.

imgnAI Premium

Similar to our web2 peers, we’ll offer a freemium model where users can genooorate for free or pay to access a range of premium features. However, unlike our web2 peers, which are bound by the complexities and restrictions of fiat payment systems, we’ll offer users anywhere around the world the ability to access premium features via crypto payments!

Users can pay with a range of crypto assets including $ETH. We also plan to implement a discounted premium tier for users who hold certain amounts of $imgnAI tokens.

Overall, we see direct-to-consumer image generation as a popular product vertical that will only gain more global user adoption in the coming years. Through targeted and scalable marketing efforts and a unique product offering compared to our web2 peers, we believe we can capture significant market share and build a healthy revenue stream.

However, this is not our only pathway to significant revenue genooration…

B2B Custom Tooling

While this side of imgnAI is difficult to publicly discuss, we’ve made tremendous progress in the background to bring a wide range of B2B partnerships to life. Our discussions have spanned sports, media, adult, entertainment and more — with an emphasis on collaborations with agencies and content creators who understand that AI can enhance their business; not replace it.

While we’d love to give more information here, we are bound by NDAs and unable to discuss specific details regarding these partnerships. Thus, we’ll leave you with this…

We believe our B2B partnership pipeline will be our biggest revenue driver in 2023.

NFT Tooling

We’re also focused on rolling out our NFT tooling suite this year. We plan to launch this in tandem with cross-chain liquidity, as low-cost transactions are a realistic requirement for much of our NFT tooling kit. Without giving everything away, here are a few unique features we have planned:

Mint as an NFT:

Users can mint their genoorations directly as NFTs. There will be a small fee paid in $imgnAI to mint each NFT. These tokens will be burned and contribute to deflating the total supply of $imgnAI.

Customize NFT:

Users can customize existing NFTs via AI-powered image editing. Change specific characteristics or generate your favorite NFT in various scenes and situations.

Generate NFT Collection:

Users can generate entire NFT collections based on specific images and characteristics. This is a game-changer for NFT development with the potential to empower countless new teams and creators!

Additional User Interfaces

We’ll keep this section brief as well because we can’t give much away. Just know this: we’re exploring new user interfaces and integrations beyond telegram, discord, and our upcoming web app — and we’re excited to show you what we’ve been working on!

NSFW Realism

It’s no secret that much of our early user adoption was based on the potential for NSFW content. And while we currently allow for incredibly detailed and visually stunning anime NSFW content, our realism models are currently set to filter and blur NSFW content for all users.

This is about to change.

There are unique risks and responsibilities related to NSFW realism content. Thus, rather than rush out an imperfect — or frankly, irresponsible — product, we took the necessary time to build a robust infrastructure that can produce stunning quality and auto-moderate harmful content at mass scale. This is the only way to proceed with NSFW realism in our opinion, and a massive barrier to entry for any competitors who wish to produce NSFW realism at meaningful scale, responsibly.

Soon, we’ll enable NSFW content on our realism models for beta users. Once testing is complete with our beta users, NSFW content will be available to the public.

We believe in the freedom to generate, and look forward to pushing NSFW realism live soon. Thank you for your patience as we took the time to build this aspect of our product responsibly for all of our current and future genoorators!

$imgnAI Token

We see the $imgnAI token as both a key point of differentiation from centralized web2 peers and as a way to meaningfully decentralize governance of imgnAI.

Our beta testoor program has been incredibly valuable for both product development and community engagement. Maintaining a token-gated beta tester group has allowed us to move fast with new product releases and test things in a closed environment before releasing to the general public. It has also served as the first of many utilities for the $imgnAI token.

In addition to building out our ambitious product and partnership pipeline for 2023, we’re also committed to adding new utilities to $imgnAI for all token holders.

When a user mints their generation as an NFT, there will be a token burn that contributes to deflating the $imgnAI circulating supply. As well, we plan to offer discounts on imgnAI premium for those holding token amounts over a certain threshold. We also plan to launch staking in 2023, which will allow imgnAI holders to stake their tokens for rewards and voting rights.

As we build out new product verticals and further expand our revenue streams, the token will gain utilities and serve a vital role in the ever-growing imgnAI ecosystem.

Let’s Push Things Forward

It must be emphasized that while we are truly proud of what we’ve accomplished thus far, there is a long road ahead. We do not see imgnAI as a crypto project that rises and falls with the fickle nature of the cryptosphere. We see imgnAI as a legitimate contender on the world stage, and a key contributor to the future of consumer AI.

The truth is this…

We succeed not because we can build products that fit the current narrative. We succeed because our products help define the current narrative, and bring the wonders of AI-powered consumer tech to a global user base.

We are incredibly thankful for our community, the genooorators, who have championed our vision and ushered in countless new users. As much as we build this for you — we build this with you.

In the coming years, we look forward to working with our community to realize our most ambitious vision for imgnAI.

As always, more soon gennorrrratorrrrrrrrs!



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