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3 min readMar 28, 2023


We’ve long said that the $imgnAI token will play a key role in our growing ecosystem of consumer AI products. Today, we’re excited to announce a major token utility :)

The $imgnAI token will be the official payment token for imgnAI Premium!

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imgnAI Premium

Following the release of our web app, we’ll launch imgnAI Premium to the world. With Premium, users can spend $imgnAI to access a range of token-gated features across Telegram, Discord, and our upcoming web app.

Premium features include:

  • Higher resolution;
  • Watermark removal;
  • Advanced prompting;
  • Image remix;
  • Exclusive models;
  • And more!

Users will spend $imgnAI to access Premium features, and spent tokens will be burned, thus deflating the total supply of $imgnAI.

In the future, we plan to add fiat payment options for Premium as well. This fiat revenue will similarly contribute to the buying and burning of $imgnAI.

Premium will also be required to generate NSFW content with our realism models AND to access our specially trained NSFW-specific models.

NSFW Gennoooration

Currently, all users can generate NSFW content with our anime-based models if NSFW is enabled in their chat. We will continue to support this while also creating additional moderation options for group admins.

To generate NSFW content with our realism-based models, OR to access our upcoming NSFW-specific models, users will have 2 options:

  1. Hold at least 100k $imgnAI tokens and verify as a beta tester; or
  2. Access Premium by spending and burning $imgnAI

In this way, users can access our most advanced NSFW content generation tooling only via $imgnAI!

Uwutility Forever

We’re beyond excited to push Premium live and integrate this important token utility. Our plan has always been to make the $imgnAI token a key element of our product ecosystem, and with the launch of imgnAI Premium, we will officially achieve this goal.

We’re also excited to unleash our NSFW-specific models to the world. We believe in creative freedom; and we’ve gone to great lengths to empower our community to responsibly create a near-infinite range of amazing NSFW art. We honestly can’t wait to see what you gennoooorate :)

Thank you for your support as we build toward the next phase of imgnAI. We could not do this without our community — and it’s truly an honor to see more and more people making amazing art with Nai every day.

As always…

More soon, genoooooratorrrs!



imgnAI - $imgnAI

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