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ImgnAI has officially been live for almost one month — and as a team focused on utility-first development, coupled with our you-can-sleep-when-you’re-dead building mentality, we’ve already got some amazing new features ready to roll out!

What we’ve been up to:

Our development team has been hard at work non-stop since our token launch building the future of AI and oh so much uwutility. While we won’t be revealing everything we’ve been working on during that time (this post would be unreasonably long if we did), we’re going to run through some of the major stuff you can expect to see dropping over the coming days and weeks!

New models oh my!

We’re not just Crypto and Bot developers — we’ve got our own team of dedicated Machine Learning Engineers training brand new models to vastly increase the number and quality of styles available for our gennorrrators!

Remember cute dog girl with pink hair? she’s becoming reality…

Here’s her OG anime form:

/ani cute girl with pink hair, sunset, coffee

and here she is courtesy of our new Realism model:

/rl cute woman with pink hair, dog ears, sunset, over a futuristic city

In terms of model updates, first up, we’ve got our 3D Model — bringing an iconic high-quality CG Stylization to Nai’s arsenal. Our 3D Model excels at creating render-quality imagery, and generating striking scenes based on just about anything you can imagine.

/3d tomb raider in the jungle
/3d Aloy, Horizon Zero Dawn, jungle, waterfall

These are very basic prompts, you can imagine how epic it can get.

Next, we’ve got our Hyper-realism Model — which excels at creating images that look true to life, with unparalleled levels of realism.

/rl Gwen Stefani as Captain Marvel, on-set photograph
/rl beautiful woman, golden eyes, golden bikini, brunette, gold cape

Both of these models will be rolled out over the upcoming days, and will be entirely free to use for all of our Telegram and Discord community members. Oh, and on that..

Say Hi to Discord Nai!

We’re currently in the final stages of development on our Discord Nai bot, which will be rolled out on our official Discord server. Our Discord Nai will feature all of the features you know and love from our Telegram bot — including the ability to easily add Nai to your own Discord Server!

Along with access to all of Nai’s image generation models, Nai’s Discord integration includes features specific to Discord itself — such as generation access via slash command, assigning specific channels to allow for NSFW Generations (or disabling NSFW generations entirely), or setting your server to only allow any image generation to occur under specific role-locked channels.

Keep an eye on our Twitter and Telegram channels for announcements. Our official Discord Server and Nai Bot will be launching within the next few days uwuuu!

ImgnAI Premium

Token utility has been a huge focus throughout our development process, and we’re delighted to announce that we’ll be launching our first utility model with ImgnAI Premium!

Holders will be able to spend their $imgnAI tokens (or gas/stablecoin tokens which will buy/burn $imgnAI) — and gain access to a brand new set of premium features via our existing ImgnAI platforms!

ImgnAI Premium is currently set to include:

- Watermark Removal

- High Resolution / Custom Ratio Imagery

- Image Upscaling

- Image Remixing (so cool)

- Access to Premium-only Image Generation Models

The above is simply an initial offering — and we’ve got a lot more in the works for both our Premium and Free Users. Without spoiling too much of the fun, here are some additional uwutilities we’re looking to roll out in the near future!

Web app: You’ve no doubt seen the success of the image generation web-apps like Dall-e and Midjourney within the retail crowd and the success of mobile apps like Lensa. We’re not going to give too much away on this front yet, but just know that this is on our mind too…

Waifu Chat Bot: Life can get lonely sometimes. Why not get to know Naifu, our dynamic waifu chat bot! She’s always learning how to be a better companion :)

NSFW Pipeline: That’s all we’ll say about that.

Stay tuned and keep a close eye on our social channels. The alpha will be flowing, and you won’t want to miss a single update uwu :)

Frequently Asked Questions / A(Us)A

What will happen to the locked token supply?

Currently, 20% of our token supply (outside of LP) is locked via FlokiFi, down from the original locked amount of 25%. The 5% of tokens distributed from this amount were used to onboard key partners in ImgnAI. These tokens are reserved for Operational needs which may include potential future CEX listings, staking, and partnerships.

When the remaining 20% unlocks, we are planning on reserving some for bridging to additional chains (allowing for accessing ImgnAI Premium features on alternate low-gas networks), along with a small % for ongoing operations.

All unallocated tokens will re-enter rolling 1 month locks and we will provide further updates on their use. To note, all team members have to date purchased their own tokens; and remain steadfast in foregoing any team vesting allocations while we focus on building out our product stack.

These locked tokens are intended purely for the long-term growth and benefit of ImgnAI — it goes without saying, with the team having bought in to our own long-term positions (and with many well-known projects/deployers taking up positions in ImgnAI themselves), our core goal is in ensuring that we’re building for positive price momentum in the long-term.

Will the realism model include NSFW?

The potential of the NSFW side of the business is a huge element that sets ImgnAI apart from competitors. The NSFW model has the potential to disrupt the adult industry — and as such, the team are approaching this carefully to maximize both the potential for token holders and the business itself.

Along with this however, there is obviously a great deal of thought being put towards the safety and protection perspective for adult content generation — and as such, our NSFW offerings will only be released once the team has invested appropriately in structures which can enable this functionality in a safe environment.

What makes imgnAI different to other Image Generation and general AI apps?

We’ve been asked what makes us different to apps like midjourney and others. To begin with, we have a full in-house development team with specialties across all of our targeted fields; from cryptocurrency and smart contract development, to web development, bot development, and of course, Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence.

While many AI-Powered projects have launched across the crypto space in an explosion of activity over the recent weeks, extremely few maintain their own in-house development team; with the vast majority of projects hooking to pre-existing APIs, and falling fully reliant on third party services to both generate and serve their content.

This lends itself to several problems — such as being entirely reliant on these third parties to continue expanding their offerings, and continuing to make these offerings available at affordable prices for third-party use. Coupled with this, while downtime is always a common expectation during the development of cutting-edge services — downtime or infrastructure changes caused by a third party cannot be easily solved without an in-house development team.

In short, ImgnAI’s fully in-house team and hardware resources (currently operating on dedicated servers powered by NVidia’s Lovelace Architecture) ensures that we can rapidly develop in line with our own team’s skillsets, and work directly on products and features requested by our own community.

As an example — partnered projects may want us to train specific models for use by their community, such as a model which generates PFPs in their NFT’s art style. With the ImgnAI team being fully in-house and well-versed in creating new Machine Learning Models for Image Generation, this is well within the realms of possibilities for us — and could not be replicated by a competing project reliant on third-party services. Of course, it’s possible that we’re already doing this with some existing big NFT Projects in the background.. 👀

Finally, the $ImgnAI token is a natural pairing with our development. We’re building towards the future of content creation, and our token allows us to implement utilities that projects without a token simply can’t do.

Wen {x}/{y}/{z}?

Our Team’s current primary focus is working directly on improving our product stack and respective feature sets, while additionally looking towards how we can best grow our community, and achieving this through long-term relationships with trusted partners & platforms.

The rapid-fire development of ImgnAI is coupled with an extensive and experienced partnerships & business development team, with all parties focused on growing our community through a best-in-class product offering, along with partners and platforms who share our collective vision for long-term growth.

We’ve got a lot of exciting things coming up in the near future, which we’re looking forward to sharing with you all in due course.

In the meantime, make sure you’re following us on Twitter, and be sure to join our brand new official Discord community at launch — and you’ll be the first to know all the latest updates from the ImgnAI Team and Community!

Until next time,

Ara-ara. Uwuuu. And keep on gennnorrating!

Team ImgnAI



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